[TOUGH TO USE]Marvel Avengers Alliance Bot Final V1.00 + Bot source with TEXT Tutorial!

Monday, 14 July 2014

I am back with an update on Marvel Avengers Alliance program which was released few months back. In few weeks back, i have made a lot of changes on the program that i completely rewrite the code in C#, previously VB.NET. I faced so many challenges a long the way to be able to reach this version. This program still uses Awesomium engine due to it's extraordinary speed but sadly it doesn't work well with it's HTML loader function. Get ready for a wall of texts!

I think this would be my final release for this bot. I stopped playing MAA because of the f*#king patch that patched the AI codes.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Trainer V9.0 - Final Release

It seems this would be my final release of the trainer. I created this trainer to simply the use of the hacks that are provided using cheat table and also you don't have to download Cheat Engine. The AI hacks no longer works as it will cause CVE and i got accepted into university. Well guys! It was awesome while that hacks last.

If you can't open the trainer, please download Cheat Engine from cheatengine.org

Status: Working in Facebook

The Final Release!

  • AOE Attack
  • AOE Buff
  • Speed up animation x8
  • Speedhack x5
  • Speedhack x3
  • Beepsound 
  • No Shitcash or shitice link
  • Popular web-browsers support
  • Easy to use
  • Simple attaching system
  • Shows a message that you have attached the hack!
  • Leech Proof

Animation Speedhack by Haenawolf of Konghack.com

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Even haenawolf himself said the hacks aren't working anymore....only animation speed. Well, the hacks are awesome while it last. I think the popularity of MAA would decrease that even PD would go bankrupt(just saying...)

Cheat engine is required to open .CT file

Original download link from Konghack.com
Mirror link - Mediafire

Hacks not working!

I would like to announce to everyone the following not longer works because the codes no longer located at the original swf but in ce.swf. Anything that has a link with RandomAiController no longer works :(

Hacks not working:

  • Disable Ai
  • Self-Attack Ai
  • Disable Ai and Self-Attack Ai
  • Auto Battle PVE/PVP
I tried my best to make a hack for "Disable Ai" but it manages to disable ai but not skip the enemy turn......

Edit: I have successfully created "Disable Ai" but sadly, it causes the f***king CVE!
Edit1: Maybe, i should release the code for "Disable Ai"........

Donation through Paypal now available!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Since so many people have emailed for donation, i finally created a donation link/button through Paypal which is located to the right-sided of the website.

Either way, how's everyone doing with the latest spec-ops?

[UPDATED]"Silver and Simulation energy glitch" and "Silver and Lockbox trick" by Dolce Panna and Others

Monday, 19 May 2014

Thanks to Dolce Panna for finding and making this guide.
This glitch enables you to earn 30k silver every 5 mins and full recharge of the simulation energy.
If you are interested in Dolce Panna's Trainer, download it here.

All Heroes in Store for 1CP! - NOT WORKING, still need to bypass server

Saturday, 10 May 2014

1CP unbelievable!

The cheat is known to many people but it doesn't work. What i mean by that is, it will cause a CVE and forces you to refresh the web-browser. I got the file working but still i am not able to bypass the error.


Should i update my latest trainer v9.0?

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